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Aluminum Flat Sheet is a thin, flat piece of aluminum with many applications. It is measured by its thickness (gauge). It is commonly used in the transportation, food and aerospace industry due to its light weight and resistance to corrosion.

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Apr 12, 2006· What thickness aluminum for boat floor? Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by scrib, Apr 12, 2006. Apr 12, 2006 #1 . scrib. 46 22 663. Thinking of putting an aluminum floor in my new jon boat but I'm not sure what thickness of aluminum sheet to get. The hull is .100 but I would think the floor would not need to be as thick. The ribs of

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Jul 03, 2013· For a 48" x 120" x 1/8" sheet of aluminum O'neal steal Waterloo296.79$ GSM Waterloo.25 IAWaterfowlers > Aluminum Boat Floor Prices. order quantity dictates price on metal. Always better to go somewhere that orders what you need in big lots.

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Mar 01, 2018· The boat is 20 feet long by 8 feet wide i re uploaded the picture of the boat as it sits today. This boat is a one off as most boats built by amateurs. Personally building a CAD model of the boat and then creating a mold for it seem a bit excessive.

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Feb 14, 2010· Re: aluminum floor in aluminum boat I see a lot of aluminum floors around here, but most are perforated sheets of aluminum. The holes give it a little grip for walking, and the holes let the water and dirt out when you wash it and, to a certain extent, keep the glare down.

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Oct 08, 2010· Re: floor Materials for Aluminum boat I just ordered my wood yesterday. I checked all over and Menards was the cheapest. Theirs was marine AB, where Lowes was BC. I have 2 sheets of 3/4" ($69.99 ea.) and 5 sheets of 1/2" ($49.99 ea.) coming next week. I plan to keep this boat forever so I went with the good stuff.