silver color diffuse reflection thin mirror aluminium sheet per ton price

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Silver Coated Mirrors vs. Aluminum Mirrors. A discussion started in 2003 but continuing through 2018. 2003. Q. We are an OEM glass company and we currently supply silver coating mirror only. One of our clients suggests us to supply aluminum mirror as the cost of such kind is much lower then the silver one.

The best performing aluminum lighting sheet in the world is Anolux-MIRO-SILVER®, with an unmatched minimum total reflectivity (TR) of 98%. Now, light can be reflected with virtually no loss. In 2003, Alanod GmbH & Co KG once again surprised the global market with yet another innovation: MIRO-SILVER®.

4 Pieces Cuttable Mirror Sheet, Flexible Self Adhesive Non Glass Cut to Size Mirror Stickers for Craft Home Wall Decor - 6" x 9" 4.6 out of 5 stars 21 $11.99 $ 11 . 99

4 Pieces Cuttable Mirror Sheet, Flexible Self Adhesive Non Glass Cut to Size Mirror Stickers for Craft Home Wall Decor - 6" x 9" 4.7 out of 5 stars 25 $13.99 $ 13 . 99

Aluminum mirror sheet uses the processing methods of rolling and grinding which makes the surface present the mirror effect . It has a unique patented technology and its high-reflective effect to make it widely used in lighting, solar energy, interior,

A reflective aluminum mirror sheet is mainly made of 1xxx, 3xxx and 5xxx series of aluminium. Most mirror sheets are of natural silver color, but some are colored to meet special application needs like decorative lamp parts and hotel ceilings.

Features. Silver Coating Highly Reflects in Visible and NIR Range. All Mirrors Except 35 mm x 52 mm Mirror: R avg > 97.5% for 450 nm - 2 µm; R avg > 96% for 2 - 20 µm; 35 mm x 52 mm Mirror: R avg > 97% for 450 nm - 2 µm; R avg > 95% for 2 - 20 µm; Protective SiO 2 Overcoat Protects from Oxidation; Available Round, Square, Rectangular, or in Packages of 10 Rounds

Front Surface Mirror A front or first surface mirror provides superior optical quality for engineering and scientific applications. Unlike a standard household mirror, which is coated on the second surface of the glass, a first surface mirror provide an accurate reflection without ghost images. Optical experts recommend first surface mirrors for use in precision optics applications. Metal


Popular answers to this question included “silver,” “white,” “whatever color it’s reflecting,” and “no color at all.” But most mirrors are actually very faintly green. Yes, green.

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Reflection from the mirror is called specular reflection; a ray of light which comes in making some angle relative to the normal to the surface is reflected in a direction at the same angle relative to the normal (angle of reflection = angle of incidence, "the law of reflection"). The result is that your brain, interpreting the light it sees

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Apr 01, 2018· Time-Resolved Diffuse Optical Spectroscopy and Imaging Using Solid-State Detectors: Characteristics, Present Status, and Research Challenges PubMed. Alayed, Mrwan; Deen, M Jamal. 2017-09-14. Diffuse optical spectroscopy (DOS) and diffuse optical imaging (DOI) are emerging non-invasive imaging modalities that have wide spread potential applications in many fields, particularly for