Induction Aluminum Foil Seal Liner for yoghourt

The induction sealing process bonds a foil laminate inner seal to the lip of a container. After the container has been filled and capped with an induction-lined closure, it passes underneath the induction sealing system. The non-contact heating process welds the liner to the container creating a hermetic seal.

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FoilSeal™ FoilSeal™ induction seals are an extensive range of one and two piece induction innerseals with various combination of foam, board, pulp, film, aluminum foil, and heat seal layers designed and engineered for over 70 years to create a perfect seal on almost any package.

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Glass cap seal liner is an induction sealing liner for glass bottle & Jars sealing. Induction cap seal liner for glass is a heat induction aluminum foil material for glass containers. So, it will provide a strong bond with clean peel removal from glass bottle & containers.

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Two pieces Induction Heat Seal covers a wide range of containers, providing a hermetic seal against leaks, contamination and oxidation. Two-piece liners form a fused seal to containers, which must be cut or pierced for removal, leaving an aluminum seal on the container land area.Two pieces Induction liner is used to seal the opening of a plastic or glass bottle with heat seal coating.

Protective Induction Seal LinersHeat Induction Liners (HIS) or Heat Induction Seals provide tamper evident protection and are available from 15mm to 120mm. These induction sealing liners act as bottle sealers to help prevent leakage and seals off unwanted outside odors. Heat induction liners require a heat induction machine in order to seal the liners to the container properly. Choose from

Induction sealing is the process of bonding thermoplastic materials by induction heating.This involves controlled heating an electrically conducting object (usually aluminum foil) by electromagnetic induction, through heat generated in the object by eddy currents Induction sealing is

Induction sealers are used by a wide variety of industries, including food products, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. These induction seal liners are available in many different sizes, both with and without tabs. Use them with induction sealing equipment to protect

Induction sealing is a non-contact heating process that accomplishes the hermetic sealing of a container with a closure that includes a heat-sealable foil laminate. The typical induction innerseal begins as a multi-laminate liner inside a closure made up of the following layers: layer of pulpboard; a layer of wax; aluminum foil; a layer of polymer

The typical induction liner has a multilaminate construction. It consists of a layer of pulpboard, a layer of wax, a layer of aluminum foil, and a layer of polymer. An induction sealing system features two standard components: the power supply and a sealing head. The sealing head consists of a coiled conductor covered by plastic housing.

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Milk Bottle Yoghurt Jar Heat Induction Seal Cap Liner. Milk Bottle Yogurt Jar Heat Induction Seal, Cap Liner. Aluminum foil film is an environmental packaging material that is widely used for heat seals in yogurt, cheese, or other dairy products. It is also widely used for PP, PS, and PET plastic cups as well as PE paper cups. Quotation