industrial coo air cooler condenser use alloy 1100 temper h22 aluminum coil

Industrial Cooling Air Cooled Condenser Use Alloy 1100 Temper H22 Aluminum Coil , Find Complete Details about Industrial Cooling Air Cooled Condenser Use Alloy 1100 Temper H22 Aluminum Coil,Aluminum Coil 1100,Copper Condenser Coil,Cost Price Aluminum Coil from Aluminum Coils Supplier or Manufacturer-Jiangsu Maxi Metal Co., Ltd.


Industrial Condenser Offering you a complete choice of products which include air cooled condenser, ammonia condenser, air cooled steam condenser, industrial steam condenser, water cooled condenser and shell and tube condenser.

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Superheated refrigerant vapor enters the inlet header connections. Heat from the refrigerant dissipates through the coil tubes and out to the fins. Ambient air is drawn over the coil surface by the fans located at the top of the unit. Heat from the refrigerant transfers to the air which is

Colmac manufactures air-cooled gas coolers and condensers for compressed natural gas, hydrocarbons, propane, and other gases. Supercritical CO2 gas coolers with high pressure small diameter (3/8”) stainless steel tubes are available. Explosion proof electrical wiring and control panels are offered according to UL Class I Division 2 and ATEX.


• Low total cost of ownership. • Easy access to additional on-line product information (QR code) Code description 1) Industrial air cooler CuAl 2) Air direction (B=blow, Z=draw) 3) Cooler module (1 to 7) 4) Number of fans (1 to 7) 5) Tube rows in air direction (4, 6 or 8

Loved it so much I took it back to LA, use it to cool the master bath and use it as a fan. I plan to buy a 2nd for the AZ house. Love this sleek thing that beautifully implements the "swamp cooler" concept from thermodynamics. BUY if you live in the dry Southwest and you will fall in love. Uses only as much electricity as a 100 watt light bulb.

The Smart AC System is hooked to an existing water faucet and to the low voltage (24 VAC) thermostat control wire of the AC unit. When the AC unit comes on, the Smart System operates three 1.8 gallon per hour foggers, introducing a fine mist of water into the air.

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Heavy-duty, industrial air coolers move air farther with greater cool air output, making them perfect for businesses, warehouses and large office areas. While fans simply move the hot air around, air coolers actually help to lower the ambient temperature of the space and can be much more cost effective than purchasing an air conditioning unit.


steel frame . If condenser has been attached to other equipment, use lifting points provided on other equipment to lift complete assembly . Drawing 1. Rigging Instructions for standard Air-Cooled Condenser Drawing 2. Rigging Instructions for Air-Cooled Condenser with Microchannel Coil Technology

The condenser coil is constructed of plate type die formed, aluminum fins mechanically bonded to copper tubes and employ full height, self-spacing collars which completely cover the tube surface. The coil is pressure and leak tested at 425 PSIG air under warm water, evacuated, dehydrated, and sealed with caps on connections.

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이와 똑같은 현상의 오르막길은 5.16도로와 1100도로를 잇는 제1산록도로(제주대와 관음사 중간지점)변에도 있다. `교통편 : 제주시외버스터미널에서 1100도로 버스를 타고 한라 수목원에서 약 5Km정도 떨어진, 1100도로상에 있는 약 100m 정도의 길.


Provides cooling, dehumidification, fan and sleep mode 10,000 BTU portable air conditioner can cool spaces up to 200 sq. ft. Suitable for apartment, dormitory and office use. Dehumidified and filtered air cycle improve breathing environments effectively Four fan speed levels: Low, middle, high, auto 24 hour programmable timer Unique sleep

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